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    Warrior of the Light: A Manual
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    First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers (P.S.)
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    Gandhi & Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age
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    Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within (Shambhala Library)

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reflections on cambodia

Have you every heard of the studies about the people from Africa that are extremely poor but are happier than most Americans? Their poverty frees them up from the western driven commercialism and consumption and as a result they have closer ties to family and rate much higher than many Westerners on happiness surveys. Well Cambodia is essentially one step up from Africa on a poverty level and we got to see this theory in action. If any people have a reason to be dispirited, it would be Cambodians.

Cambodia has had an incredibly rough forty years dating back to the Vietnam War when the US began bombing the country for its aiding of the Vietnamese along the Ho Chi Minh trail. This created instability in the country and left thousands of dangerous undetonated bombs along the countryside. The instability helped aid the overthrow of the government by the Khmer Rouge and their ruthless leader Pol Pot. Over the next four years the Khmer Rouge executed a mass genocide against the educated class wiping out teachers, doctors, lawyers and anyone else with an intellectual background. Over a four year span the death toll reached three million. In 1979, Vietnam stepped in and forced the Khmer Rouge out of power and to the western border near Thailand where many of the leaders of the genocide went unpunished until the day they died. I can’t imagine rebuilding a nation without any educated people and Cambodia is just now starting to gain momentum in the modern world. 

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essential gear

I just finished a post on the gear I use for creating the videos of Unmapped Life on my video site. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the videos and if you are at all interested in the behind the scenes, please check out this post. It's pretty ridiculous the amount of stuff I am lugging around but hopefully the results speak for themselves. 

In case you have missed it, we posted a fun little video from the Cambodian Bamboo Train that was a bit buried in a lot of new content as we caught up on the Daily Details. Stay tuned for some additional video recaps that are in the pipeline and should be up shortly. I have some beautiful stuff from Thailand and Cambodia and rumor has it that the New Zealand recap may see the light of day sometime soon.


rainy season

Annie and I just returned to Phnom Penh after four days visiting the beach town of Sihanoukville. We got some firsthand experience on what the rainy season is all about. It was probably connected to the tropical storm rampaging its way through the Philippines and Vietnam and each day in Sihanoukville was successively wetter. 

The benefit of all the rain is to our loyal reading audience since we have been able to get fully up to date with the Daily Details and have several cool things in the pipeline. I was able to put together a fun little video of our bamboo railway experience in Battambang that is up over here

Enjoy the updated content as we finish up our time in Cambodia and gear up for the second round in Thailand. As always, please send us a comment to let us know you are checking things out. This blog takes a lot of time and dedication and we really appreciate hearing from everyone. It keeps us motivated.


photo of the week - (angkor wat)

I took this photo while visiting the Angkor Wat temple. Siem Reap, Cambodia, has a spectacular series of temples that rival the Egyptian pyramids. Angkor is the largest and most popular. This shot was taken late in the afternoon when I spotted this Cambodian woman taking a break from collecting plastic bottles in the hot afternoon sun. I really liked her weathered skin and penetrating eyes. In typical Cambodian style, she requested a US dollar after I took the shot.