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what happened while you were gone?

As Annie and I come to terms with being back in America, my good friend Ryan sent over a list of some of the things we missed while we were gone. I enjoyed it and thought I would pass it on. It's skewed toward Michigan, since that is where I am from and where Ryan currently lives. Ryan's wife's name is Lisa.
  • Hurt Locker wins the Oscar, Sandra Bullock wins the Oscar and Razzie for best actress in same year.
  • For some reason Betty White (the only living Golden Girl) is the new "it" girl.
  • They're building a mosque next to Ground Zero which is causing a big stir.
  • Obama's still trying to get the health care bill through (he's got a low approval rating, Palin in 2012? Let's hope not).
  • Our house isn't worth what I paid for it :) No one's house is worth what they paid for it.
  • Duke wins NCAA basketball tournament.
  • Phil Mickelson wins the Masters again.
  • In May police found a bomb in Time Square.
  • Somehow Mexico has become the new Columbia due to drug cartels.
  • No more gay marriage in California.
  • Big tax breaks for small businesses.
  • GM has almost paid back the entire auto loan.
  • Government keeps extending unemployment, over a trillion in debt.
  • Lohan in rehab (why do people care?). 
  • Glee wins tons of Emmy's.... Lisa doesn't get it but I actually enjoy this show.
  • I think you saw most of the good movies over in Asia...not much this summer, my favorite would have to be the Losers, like a better version of the A-Team.
  • The Detroit Pistons suck.
  • The Detroit Tigers kind of sucked but went .500.
  • The Red Wings got Mike Modano, they aren't too bad.
  • The Detroit Lions have won 2 games already....restore the ROAR!!!
  • Everbody has a smart phone and an APP for that.
  • 3D is all the rage but there aren't many programs to watch so stick with LCD or Plasma.
  • Lisa and I are addicted to Costco and will take you there when you come, it's dangerous. :)
  • The Wii doesn't stand alone, Xbox and Sony have interactive gaming systems now.
  • Rubber band bracelets are cool with the kids.
  • There is a LEGO store at Somerset Mall and it's SWEET.
  • Everybody uses Groupon and Social Living to get good deals on crap they don't need (Lisa and I included).
  • Local grown is the new, farmers, etc.
  • Finally electric cars, the VOLT and the LEAF are out now....
  • The new hit show on ABC is called Detroit 187 (not very good, but I enjoy watching to say "I've been there, I go there").
  • I saved Lost, first and final episode for you.
  • I want to get you hooked on Sons of Anarchy, it's a show on FX that is really good.
  • I saved the Dexter season, it's been so-so this year.

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i approve of this list :)
January 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoyce

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